Custom Orders

PreSet Customizable Listings

We offer a few items that have some customizable design features (ie: stuffed animals, pillows, and some wall hanging designs). These items are predetermined designs that you will customize by choosing from a selection of available colors. Aside from a few changes, the finished product will look just as the provided photographs indicate.

For preset customizable listings, please allow 7-10 days for creative process (this does not include shipping time).

If you would like to request further customizations to these preset designs, please contact us and we would be happy to accommodate your needs. Please note that these extra changes will result in longer creative process time.

For all gift orders, please note the estimated turn around time on your items to ensure your gifts arrive on time. Creative process times do not include shipping time.

Custom Designs

There is nothing I love more than a 100% custom design. Taking your ideas and realizing them for you brings me incredible amounts of joy. Please contact us with any custom inquiries and we will be so happy to get the ball rolling and get started on your dreams.

Each custom design is its own process. Creative process time will be determined based on size, craft, materials, etc; we will discuss this in the overall design process. We will do our best to accommodate your timing needs, but our main priority is creating a special piece just for you with the best attention to detail, and these things take time.

Please do not let your thoughts that you “are not creative enough” get in the way of starting a conversation with us! ((We hear this all the time)) We are here for you, if that means helping determine the best color pairings for your space, or sketching out six different shapes of a wall hanging to fit perfectly in your space. We are here to create for you.

We will not under any circumstances merely take another artist’s pattern or design and recreate it for you.


Shipping costs for custom items will be determined based on estimated size and weight of finished item. Shipping costs for items traveling within the United States will be written in to overall cost for custom piece. Custom items shipping internationally may require an extra charge.

Please see our full shipping policy for more information.